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If you think your universe is confusing, you should try keeping up with events in the Multiverse! While not exhaustive, you will find here a reasonable summary of current events in the Moorcockian-corner of the Multiverse. Want to know what Mr. Moorcock has been up to recently? Or want to know what books, stories, articles and the like are being published currently? Then the Michael Moorcock News section is the place you'll find it. Furthermore, in a site such as this it is often hard to keep track of the seemingly random patterns of change that the site is subject to. So, to ease the stress generates by this, you will be able to find details of the pages that have been recently updated, and a link to them in the Updated Pages at the Café side. And its all absolutely free!


Michael Moorcock News

13 July 2001. I've got some catching up to do! See the other side of the page for more details about the status of the Cafe.
Since the last update, King of the City, Silverheart, The Dreamthief's Daughter, and London Bone have been published. All excellent and worth getting if you haven't already.

28 January 2000. The current issue of Interzone (No 151 January 2000) is a Michael Moorcock Special Issue, containing RavenBrand (an edited version of the first few chapters of The Dreamthief's Daughter), Furniture and The "Fictionmags" Rants (a selection of emails from Mike, discussing the history of fiction magazines). Also, Nomads of the Timestreams has released a book entitled "moorcock@60.com", which contains sixty reminiscinces by Mike's friends over the years, celebrating Mike's 60th birthday in December last year. Happy birthday for last month, Mike!

29th August 1999. Michael has just started work on The Dreamthief's Daughter, the newest Elric book. Keep an eye on this page, as I'll perhaps include some teasers as the book takes shape.

10th August 1999. According to Mike, he has just typed "The End" in King of the City - meaning he's finished it. Now there is some final editing to be done and suchlike, and then it will really be done. Still, don't expect it for a while yet. Watch this space for details concerning the publisher and price, etc.

15th June 1999. Perhaps the most exciting going-on at present is the nearing to completion of King of the City. This is certainly one to look forward to - having read several chapters, I would hazard a guess that this will be one of the Best books he has ever written.

Elric fans will be happy, no doubt, to hear that there are three new Elric novels on the boil:- The Dreamthief's Daughter, The Silverskin, and Mournblade. Expect them to start being published by late 2000, early 2001.

In the near future there will be a new Jerry Cornelius story, The Camus Referendum, that Michael has recently finished, published in the magazine Gare du Nord. This magazine has already published some of the early chapters from King of the City.

A new Jerry Cornelius story has been published in Interzone Issue 137, November 1998, called Cheering for the Rockets..

There is a new Jerry Cornelius story which has been published on the Internet, called The Spencer Inheritance, which is published by The Edge. There is also a fairly long interview with Michael here, as well.

At present, Moorcock is working on the last few chapters of Vengeance of Rome, the last novel in the Between the Wars series, though it won't be published until 2000.

Michael is also working on a novel set in London, called King of the City. Don't expect that until 2000 as well. There has been an excerpt published in the magazine Gare du Nord.

The comic, Michael Moorcock's Multiverse has run to a full twelve issues, and has now finished.